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[16 Feb 2006|03:56pm]


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[12 Jan 2006|10:32pm]
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Academy Awards! [25 Jan 2005|05:51pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

oh man, i am SOO excited for the Academy Awards. and i am super happy for Aviator! another huge movie for Leonardo!

Best Picture- i definately think the Aviator deserves it, although i think Ray might have a chance and even that movie i never heard of (maybe a lot of people havnt), Sideways - it did well at the Golden Globes.

Best Actress - i have a hunch for Hilary Swank...although i didnt see the movie, she was much appluaded for her performance. it will be good to see her win.

Best Supporting Actress - i really hope Cate Blanchett gets this one, she definately deserves it cuz her inpersonation of Katherine Hepburn was flawless. but then, Natalie Portman was gr8 too. thats a tough one.

Best Supporting Actor - hopefully Clive Owen gets this one, jus cuz he's a hunk lol, but i honestly do think he deserves it. Jamie Fox could get it for Collateral.

Best Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio!!!

Best Animated Film - i secretly wish Shrek 2 will get it, but i think The Incredibles will snatch it.

Best Original Song - i really want "Learn to Be Lonely"-from Phantom of the Opera to get it cuz that song is excellent!

woot woot! i can no wait to see the outcome! i know that it will be The Aviator's night. i jus wish Emmy Rossum could have been looked at for her role in Phantom of the Opera cuz her voice was incredible. a well.

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[25 Jan 2005|01:00pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Oscar thoughts, very briefly:

My pick for Best Picture is The Aviator, though I fear it will lose to Million Dollar Baby. Best Director pick is Martin Scorsese, a snub would be insane. Best Actor? I think Jamie Foxx needs to be awarded and it should be for Ray, but barring that, it wouldn't be the worst thing if he got the Supporting Actor nod for Collateral (he was SO GOOD in that) and Don Cheadle got the Best Actor nod. That category is kinda wide open, and the only person I don't want winning it is Clint Eastwood.

(Should I take a moment to say why all the prejudice against Million Dollar Baby? It's really simple. The first we heard about this movie was about it's award nominations. The *trailer* talks about the Golden Globe noms. This is just uncool, IMHO. I'm sure it's a great movie and that all involved are wonderful in it, and I will go see it, but the advertising campaign and the subsequent onslaught of nominations bugs me.)

Best Actress - I adore Kate Winslet and really want her to win, but she's the underdog in the category. My money's on Annette Bening, and incidentally I'm dying to see Being Julia. Hilary Swank is probably a leading contender, too.

Best Supporting Actress - GO CATE BLANCHETT! She's deserved an award for quite some time, and she was FANTASTIC in The Aviator. But this is the category of surprises. My early money is on Hotel Rwanda's Sophie Okenedo to win it.

Best Supporting Actor - wouldn't it be fun for Thomas Haden Church to win for Sideways? That said, I thought Clive Owen was awesome in Closer, and one of the best performances of the year, period, belonged to Jamie Foxx in Collateral. TOO MANY CHOICES!!!!

People I'm sorry to see left out:

Bryce Dallas Howard, The Village
Paul Giamatti, Sideways
Billy Crudup, Stage Beauty

I'm sure I'll think of more.

And damn, the Oscars are early this year!

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Long time... [31 Dec 2004|05:05pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Is everyone as excited about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I am? I just saw a teaser trailer for it just before ASOUE.. and I was like.. OOoooooooooooooooooooooo!! I so cannot wait till July..why did they have to wait so long to release it? I need my Johnny dose now! :-p

On another note, I also saw a trailer for War of the Worlds.. I cannot wait for that either. That had me crappin in my chair at the theater. Freaky wild. I remember the original one back when, and it truly freaked me out when I was a kid.

Sooo excited for 2005 movies...

Everyone have a happy New year! :)


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Poll: Your Favourite Director [24 Aug 2004|11:01am]

Hell everyone!

I created a poll asking about your favourite director in my journal.
Could you please particpate in it? Thank you very much.


IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, PLEASE JOIN! [26 Jul 2004|03:19pm]

i apologize for commericialism.

hello everyone!

i've started a community solely based on THE BOURNE SERIES. if you've seen both of the first one and are looking foward to another installation and are inspired by such a series, then JOIN THIS COMMUNITY!


Must-see Movies. [16 Jul 2004|08:12am]

[ mood | awake ]

Since it is rather quiet in here, I thought I'd start a discussion on movies you think everyone should see and they most likely haven't.

It doesn't have to be obscure or arthouse, but movies that weren't very popular or just ones you know most people don't go out of their way to see even though they are really good.

I recommend Casa de los Babys which stars Daryl Hannah, Lili Taylor and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It's about American women adopting a baby from Mexico, as well as Mexican-US relations. It's rather depressing at tines, but very good. Another depressing but good film I recommend is The Color of Paradise. It's an Iranian film about a blind boy whose mother is dead and his father lives in the country. The country setting is absolutely beautiful, and the story is rather spiritual, but bleak.

Any other movies that aren't widely-watched that you recommend to people? What is your choice?

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Guilty Pleasure Films [09 Apr 2004|03:00pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Okay, there are those films that are so powerful they move you, or so fabulous that you are left thinking about them for days. However, there are also those films that are so cheesy and crap, yet you love them anyway, almost inexplicably.

Personally, I'm curious what falls into the latter for people here. What films do you consider your guilty pleasure category? Do you have a great love for a movie a lot of people dislike, or a movie considered so bad that you cannot even explain your love for it?

Mine personally is Josie and the Pussycats, which I find hysterical. I thought I'd hate it, but I quote it, can watch it over and over, find it cute and even found some bits to be kind of witty.

So share -- what is your guilty pleasure film?

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Top 25 Favorite Movies Based on A Book [25 Mar 2004|07:11pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

x-posted at cinephelia

25. Ninth Gate (The Club Dumas, The Arturo Perez-Reverte)

24. Mothman Prophecies (The Mothman Prophecies, The - John A. Keel)

23. The Hunger (Hunger, The - Whitley Strieber)

22. Primal Fear (Primal Fear - William Diehl)

21. A Room With a View (Room With a View, A - E.M. Forrester)

20. Where the Heart Is (Where the Heart Is - Billie Letts)

19. GoodFellas (Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family - Nicolas Peleggi)

18. Fried Green Tomatoes (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe - Fannie Flagg)

17. The Witches of Eastwick (Witches of Eastwick, The - John Updike) - Hated the book. :-(

16. About a Boy (About a Boy - Nick Hornby)

15. Ed Wood (Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood, Jr. - Rudolph Grey)

14. Birdy (Birdy - William Wharton)

13. NeverEnding Story (The Unendliche Geschichte, Die - Michael Ende

12. James and the Giant Peach (James and the Giant Peach - Roald Dahal) - One of the weirdest, yet intriguing kids films of all time.

11. High Fidelity (High Fidelity- Nick Hornby) - I really love Hornby.

10. Dead Man Walking (Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States - Helen Prejean)

9. Angel Heart (Falling Angel - William Hjortsberg)

8. Bridget Jone's Diary (Bridget Jone's Diary - Helen Fielding) - Love the book and the film equally. <3<3

7. Communion (Communion: A True Story - Whitley Strieber) - Both the book and the film scared the shit out of me.

6. Princess Bride, The (Princess Bride, The William Goldman)

5. Practical Magic (Practical Magic- Alice Hoffman) -Hated the book.

4. Memento (Memento Mori (story) Johnathon Nolan)

3. Silence of the Lambs (The Silence of the Lambs, The - Thomas Harriss) - Hannibal was scarier in the movie.

2. Wild at Heart ( Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor and Lula - Barry Gifford)

1. Fight Club (Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk)

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Introduction [25 Mar 2004|11:38am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I cannot believe I've found this comm. *thrilled*

I've been looking for a film-discussing comm for a while now, but most are restricted or abandoned, or simply don't capture my interest. But, being a fandom girl, and a film-lover, and a discussion/debate-lover, this is just what I needed. ^^
Ooh, I see you're here as well, permetaform! It's good to see a familiar face *hugs*

A little info about meCollapse )


[29 Feb 2004|02:31pm]

So, yes, it's another one of those annoying, Most Over/Underrated/Justified actors and acrtresses things. But this time I thought we could do something a little different in honor of Oscar night.

The breakdown is by this year's nominated performances, not the actual actor or actress themselves. Each performance is sorted by the category that they've been nominated in. Your job is to choose the most overrated and/or underrated performance in each category, and, if you are behooved to do so, explain why you chose it.

Here goes nothing...Collapse )
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THE OSCARS ARE TONIGHT!!!!! [29 Feb 2004|01:19pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Just a reminder! ABC! 6pm, the red carpet begins!


Pre-thoughts? Reactions to recent awards, how they might affect tonight's outcome?

I'm so excited!!

The end.


From books to movies [16 Feb 2004|03:12pm]
There are a ton, probably over half, of movies made that were once books. A few of them are very good adapted screenplays, and some being very awful. Yet, being a bad adapted screenplay doesn't make it a bad movie, though.

  • What would you say is the best/one of the best/some of the best adapted movies?
    If it counts, off of the top of my head at the moment, my vote goes to Holes, besides the fact that the script was written by the author XD

  • What about some of the worst?
    I'm most definitely saying Timeline. I read that book before I knew that there was going to be a movie made. (I think a year before, and it was pre-production.) And as time went on, I found out what they changed and was iffy, but when it finally came out, it was a disaster. I find that most all Michael Crichton books, when changed into script, are dreadful films (with the exception of Jurassic Park but even then, things were changed.)

    Also, my last question is:
  • What are some upcoming/pre-production/rumoured movies that are from books?
    I've decided that I wanted to try to read a few that will be coming out, to see if my vision is the same as theres.Two that I know off the top of my head: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (For those who have read it, what do you think of the cast?), The Talisman (another Steven King novel).

    And, has anyone heard about the lastest Jurassic Park IV?
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    Handicapping the Oscars [15 Feb 2004|10:55am]

    [ mood | geeky ]

    Howdy, y'all! Found a nifty thing in today's New York Times, and I thought I'd share it with you.

    The Critics Cast Their (Unofficial) BallotsCollapse )
    I'd like to see some discussion about who everyone here thinks "shoulda been a contender" at this year's Oscars. Any ideas? Do you agree with the NY Times critics? Do you disagree?

    Personally, I think Elvis Mitchell is spot-on with a lot of his choices. He didn't forget Intolerable Cruelty (which I think was one of the funniest movies of last year) or American Splendor (which is totally being snubbed in the acting races).


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    Saturn Awards nominees [12 Feb 2004|11:06pm]

    The Saturn Awards nominees have been announced.

    It is probably the most obvious list EVAH, but it's the geeky awards, so it's nice to see some names there that wouldn't show up in any other awards' nomination lists. :)
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    Part III: [11 Feb 2004|07:33pm]

    Yep, it's another one of these.

    Below is a list of some actors and actresses, and all you have to do is say whether, in your opinion, they are overrated, underrated, or justified in their amount fame or publicity. It would be lovely if you shared the reason for your opinion, but it isn't neccessary.

    So, randomly, what do you think of-

    Eric Bana?
    Tobey Maguire?
    Scarlett Johansen?
    Kevin Spacey?
    Billy Zane?
    Kate Bekinsale?
    Kate Winslet?
    Russell Crowe?
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    A little tidbit on editing... [11 Feb 2004|02:32pm]
    [ mood | curious ]

    I read this book not a long while ago called "IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE."

    One of the things the author recommends for aspiring film editors is to watch the way you and other people blink. Apparently, the best actors are the ones who care only how their characters will be portrayed in the film, and editors usually find themselves making cuts whenever a halfway decent actor decides to blink.

    Try it out in public. Your eye is the camera. When you blink, you cut the shot.

    I think it's a fairly practical way to get in touch with your inner editor.


    feardotcom [10 Feb 2004|05:54pm]

    [ mood | accomplished ]

    Having just created a community related the film feardotcom, I'm looking to advertise its existence, and I thought the best places to do so (other than the obvious advertising communities) would be to mention it in the film communities that I think it fits in with... however, since I'm not sure of the advertising rules I figured I'd be wise to just mention the community in passing, and then discuss the film itself. So here goes:

    The film is, imho, a fascinating insight into possibilities surrounding some of the technology available within our world today. Now I understand that it is constantly compared to The Ring, and having something about the latter film I don't find it surprising - having not seen either edition of The Ring however, I can't compare them. Reading through the reviews in the imdb, it strikes me that many people who've seen feardotcom appear to have missed many of the important points within the story-line however - such as why the deaths take place 48 hours to the minute after the users have logged on to the site. Another point that struck me while reading the reviews on imdb was the perceived use of violent imagery within the film - now admittedly broadcasting such violent and agonising deaths across the web is a somewhat disturbing idea, I find the idea that people are willing (eager even) to watch such things even more disturbing. And there I go straying from my point... there was, imo, a lot _less_ violent imagery within the film than your (generic) average slasher type movie, mainly because much of the actual violence wasn't shown and it was left to the viewer to imagine where needles were being poked, etc.

    I'm not a big movie freak and so don't know all of the 'classics', but if I was to compare feardotcom to any film (remembering that I've not seen The Ring yet and so other than the obvious comparisons I can't comment), I'd say it's the closest thing I've seen to Blue Velvet yet... and that film was (while absolutely brilliant) seriously disturbing.

    I'm hoping that my advertising hasn't offended your community principles, and if so I apologise, but I do think this film deserves a community of its own and so I made one. Thank you for reading.


    Part II: [08 Feb 2004|09:57am]

    People seemed to enjoy filling these out, so I decided to do it again. Perhaps this will be, like, an ongoing thing.

    Below is a list of some actors and actresses, and all you have to do is say whether, in your opinion, they are overrated, underrated, or justified in their amount fame or publicity. It would be lovely if you shared the reason for your opinion, but it isn't neccessary.

    So, randomly, what do you think of-

    Edward Norton?
    Julia Stiles?
    Charlize Theron?
    Brad Pitt?
    Colin Farrell?
    Angelina Jolie?
    Kevin Costner?
    Leonardo DiCaprio?
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