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Fandom Film Geeks

A Cinema Discussion Community

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This is a community for fandom geek discussion about the numerous aspects of cinema. We each have our own fandoms, sites, pairings and the like, but this is the place for the general picture. You'll find BtVS fans that dig Pirates of the Caribbean, Alias fans that love Lord of the Rings... whichever! Like your fandom's movie? Tell us why!

I decided that ranting about characters and fandom things is all good and fun, but wouldn't it be nice for a community for fandom people to talk about cinema itself -- how you loved a film's music score, a camera angle technique, editing -- it's all here.

Debate and discussion is heavily encouraged. Talk about your favorite films, upcoming films, movie reviews, the box office, the awards season and the like. This is an open community, so feel free to join! :)

Upon joining, give us an intro if you can -- What's your fandom(s), your favorite films, actors, actresses, directors, writers, composers and the like?

1. Please stay on the subject. This community is for discussion about films and the film industry. Keep all off-topic posts to a minimum.

2. We're looking for intelligent discussion about cinema, so posts filled with "OMG, I loooove this actor!111! He's so hot!" won't be tolerated. :)

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