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Academy Awards!

oh man, i am SOO excited for the Academy Awards. and i am super happy for Aviator! another huge movie for Leonardo!

Best Picture- i definately think the Aviator deserves it, although i think Ray might have a chance and even that movie i never heard of (maybe a lot of people havnt), Sideways - it did well at the Golden Globes.

Best Actress - i have a hunch for Hilary Swank...although i didnt see the movie, she was much appluaded for her performance. it will be good to see her win.

Best Supporting Actress - i really hope Cate Blanchett gets this one, she definately deserves it cuz her inpersonation of Katherine Hepburn was flawless. but then, Natalie Portman was gr8 too. thats a tough one.

Best Supporting Actor - hopefully Clive Owen gets this one, jus cuz he's a hunk lol, but i honestly do think he deserves it. Jamie Fox could get it for Collateral.

Best Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio!!!

Best Animated Film - i secretly wish Shrek 2 will get it, but i think The Incredibles will snatch it.

Best Original Song - i really want "Learn to Be Lonely"-from Phantom of the Opera to get it cuz that song is excellent!

woot woot! i can no wait to see the outcome! i know that it will be The Aviator's night. i jus wish Emmy Rossum could have been looked at for her role in Phantom of the Opera cuz her voice was incredible. a well.
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